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IMCPT believes in Health for Life and this can be best achieved through Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj means to unite and to unite what – unite the body and mind. The simple techniques of pranayama and hatha yoga postures can improve better oxygen flow and make the joints flexible.

Yoga sessions taught at IMCPT can bring in vitality, vigour, energy and longevity in your life because you will learn a combination of Pranayama, Yoga Asanas and Meditation. In many ways yoga brings you close to natural living. Once these are learnt they can become part and parcel of your daily life and you can say goodbye to fatique, tiredness, stress, stiffness, ill health & inefficiency.

Home based tarining can also be undertaken for group of 4-5 min in and around Indranagar area only and for corporate on weekends also. IMCPT also conducts teachers tarining program after which you become certified to teach Yoga. Yoga sessions comprise of Hatha yoga, pranayamas, advanced meditations , power yoga for specific ailments like backaches, spondilytis, sinus, migrane, diabetes, blood pressure where meical science has very few solutions.

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