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What is ‘Mantra’?

“Mananat Tryate Iti Mantrahah” --- as much as it is chanted Mantra protects. ‘Mantra’ is a Sanskrit word with meanings viz. ‘tool of the mind’, ‘divine speech’, language as understood by God’, ‘sound vibration’.
The speech of man cannot reach the Lord and He must be addressed in his own language. Mantra is composed of sounds and not mere words. This language or the incantations of Mantra being the most effective agent helps the doors of communication between mortals and immortals.

Our existence or the force behind our existence which we call LIFE is something mysterious and beyond the conception of human mind. We are unaware of the fact, how we breathe, move or think. With our human mind we are only experiencing the outer surface of our existence. The inner core is deep and far away from us. We do not have a real sense of our identity.

Now to seek an answer to the question who we are which we ourselves created due to our forgetfulness, we must set aside the knowledge we have gained and experienced so far, not to set aside or reject it totally but to realise its limited strength, and it is here where Tantra Sadhana helps.

TANTRA SADHANA is a methodology to remember ourselves. It is a science and also an art. Tantra helps us by its various sadhana techniques to understand our inner core. One of the techniques offered by Tantra is “Mantra Sadhana.” In Tantric tradition mantra is not an object for focusing the mind, Mantra is illumination of the mind. Mantra is the body of that Divine Force in the form of a sound.

Who can practice Mantra Sadana?

It is a science and also an art. Mantra Sadana helps us by its various techniques to understand our inner core. But it cannot be approached like a subject taught in schools and colleges with fixed curriculum. It cannot be approached mechanically. It requires a sense of participation.
Mantra Sadhana, is the first technique to which the sadhaka is exposed as his first step towards self-realization. Even this sadhana if done properly illuminates the sadhaka’s path and leads him further into the journey towards self-realisation
Mantra can be adopted for acheieving success in all the endeavours of LIFE such as for reaching the goals , for overcoming obstacles, for healing ailments/diseases, for improving skills and many other individual requirements

Courses conducted by IMCPT on Mantra Sadana

1. Basic Course: Duration 8 hours

You are introduced to Mantras for various application with correct pronunciation, the appropriate system to be followed for achieving results.

2. Intermediate Course: Duration 20 hours

You will be trained to proceed on the path to achieve Siddi of particular Mantra. You will be taught to make your own yantras. The various discipline to be followed in the sadhana.

3. Advanced Course: Duration 25 hours

You will learn:

• How to perform Homa/ Havan by yourself
• How to follow the discipline of Punascharana
• How to pray to different planets

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