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Q.1:     What is IMCPT all about?

Ans:     IMCPT is “Institute of Mind Control & Personal Transformation” specialising in treatment and prevention of all physical, mental, emotional issues and disorder using integration of holistic of medical complimentary therapies proven over 1000 of years.

Q.2:     Why is it called IMCPT?

Ans:     It is called IMCPT because we do not look at an ailment/disorder from physical or clinical aspects only but go to the root course of the problem. For example, eating disorder and overweight is most of the times due to emotional issues and unless these are addressed the problem will recur  any time.

Q.3:     What is the approach to a problem?

Ans:     IMCPT integrates both clinical and holistic approach using advanced equipment and technology used 1st time in India. The centre is managed at helm of affairs by medical doctors and entire treatment / therapy is  under medical supervision. As a example a  person has back pain problem the person’s medical records checked and new diagnosis are recommended, if needed. Apart from medical treatment the patient is also given Reiki / Holographic healing and advanced marma massage to remove the pain from roots.

Q.4:     Why IMCPT and not normal Pure Medical Clinics?

Ans:     With due respects to modern medical science which has done wonders in areas of diagnosis treatment of infection, operation and post accident rehabilitation, however medical science has very little solutions for modern man problems which are mainly stress oriented and psychosomatic. Typical stress related disorder are blood pressure, diabetics, backpain, allergies, stomach disorders, etc.

Q.5:     What do you mean by psychosomatic?

Ans:     PSYCHO mean ‘Mind’ and ‘Soma’ means body hence mind – body related disorders are called psychosomatic. Mind is extremely powerful and any emotional / mental issues directly affect the human physical body. Human beings are a  sum total of Physical, mental, emotional, cultural, financial, social and spiritual body and if  any of these bodies are misaligned then the consequence is visible in the physical body in the form of disorder or ailment.
Typical psycho-somatic disorders are BP, diabetics, over weight & obesity, bilumia, sinus, allergies, sexual difficulties, addictions, hysteria, backpain, arthritis, also refer  to www.surgery.co.uk. for more details.


Q6:      How does IMCPT handle psychosomatic issues?

Ans:     IMCPT assures considerable relief for psycho somatic issues by using Reiki / Holographic healing refer www.melchedekmethod.com ,  Hypnosis & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), past life regression  and also Nutrition counselling. Over 3000 patients have already got relief from these therapies.

Q.7:     Why not a psychiatrist or counseling for mind related issues?

Ans:     Counselling only works if you are a good listener and drug  induced treatments do not have lasting effect and moreover side effects are plenty. At IMCPT, counselors are well trained an have gained expertise in patiently giving listening ears to the patient. Drug induced treatments can have side effects in the long run.

Q8:      How expensive  are the treatments?

Ans:     IMCPT is floated with single objective of common man is mind  and a purely democratic approach of “For the people, by the people, of the people” and our    infact itself is “AFFORDABLE HEALTH FOR LIFE, GUARANTEED

Q9:      What is the background of the management?

Ans:     IMCPT is managed by professionals, doctors, nutritionists, alternative science practitioners, therapists, Healers, Counsellors, having over 10 years of experience. IMCPT is ISO 9001:2000 certified, six sigma compliance and managed by people having 30 years of experience in running businesses in IT/ITES/Hospilality/Health Real Estate and corporate training.

Q.10:   What are the other services IMCPT offers?


Ans:     IMCPT offers range of services under one roof for the entire family.

  1. Fitness program at home
  2. Healing using natural sciences for all psychosomatic disorders
  3. Healing of pains viz. back, neck, frozen shoulders, legs  and migraine and others.
  4. Healing using Reiki, Pranic healing, Melchizedek Method of Hologram of Love Healing, Crystal, Pyrmidology, Accupressure, Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  5. FengShui  consultation  and all related products
  6. Certified courses in most of the Alternative Sciences
  7. Yoga and Pranayama classes
  8. Removal of addiction like Smoking/Tobacco/Others using advanced clinical hypnosis and NLP techniques.
  9. Aromatherapy and all related products
  10. Health products for enhancing beauty and health
  11. Personalized counselling for Nutrition.
  12. Healing of stress related disorders  like  blood pressure, migraine, diabetics,
  13. Out bound Residential training programs
  14. Stress management programs
  15. Meditation Classes
  16. Children’s / Teenagers' workshop for all round development
  17. Abundance workshop to attract wealth/health/peace
  18. Personalized Counseling for emotional/mental discomforts
  19. Reiki courses up to Mastership
  20. Stage fear and confidence problem, fear & phobia, relationship & marital issues,  mental /emotional control, business problems and attitudinal changes

  21. Training to improve Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
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