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Xanadu – the magical place to unwind

On the lap of mother earth, with the fresh breathe of nature, amidst the strong mountains being caressed by the gentle clouds you are welcomed with green carpets. Doesn’t this sound or appear or give the feeling of the utopia your elders talked about during the nocturnal story time! This is no fairy land but the heaven on Earth that is all ready for you to par take from - the experience of your life time. There is so much of abundance of ozone in the air here that you will enjoy the purity in every breath you take.
Xanadu is situated amidst the Madumalai Forest range in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. This place has a history of its own which is why it is so precious and unique in many ways.
The natural ambience here is unique. Most people visit this place & never forget it. This is because it was or should we say “is” the home of a great healer saint – Shri Vidyaranyam Swami – the Guru and mentor of the great Emperor of the Vijayanagar Empire, “Bakka”, His healing energies are still here. The whole idea of inviting you to the very lap of mother earth far away from the hassle buzzle of wherever you belong to is to bring about the change you can cherish the whole of the rest of your life. You will wonder how come this didn’t happen to you earlier? Never mind better late than never. You can get immersed in the leisure of being pampered
Ayurveda means knowledge of life. Ayurveda encourages you to be close to nature, breathe natural air, eat natural food and lead a natural life and be in tune with the nature. In other words it is a journey into knowing who you are and what role are you playing in the nature around us? IMCPT is inviting you to a similar tour because when mind is relaxed with picture perfect ambience you are close to achieving perfect health as well.
At Xanadu you can simply choose to relax, eat your favourite food and soak yourself in nature – there is abundance of sunshine, fresh breeze, wild deer from the forest visiting the neighbourhood, huge open area to walk around, mountains in the backdrop, variety of greens all around. For those who are voracious readers, there is a well stacked library of books of all kinds – so u can pick a book and camp in the outdoors and spend quiet moments for as long as you want as there is no time constraint!
Xanadu has tastefully selected some games also for you as leisure activity – you can spend engrossing moments playing Carrom, chess, scrabble…… and outdoor games like shuttle, football……
To top it all there is a host of films available for viewing. The music lovers also have a wide variety to choose from.
Whether you are visiting with family, friends, colleagues or alone there is so much to enjoy and moments to cherish for the rest of your life.
At Xanadu, the food menu is deliciously dished out to satisfy your taste buds. The rooms are maintained in hygienic condition. All the rooms are equipped with self contained baths & toilets.

Yet another unique feature about Xanadu is you can also participate in the host of SELF Realisation programmes/Life Enhancement Programme.

The programme Coaches are chosen from the best of the best in the respective field from across our country. And they are one of a kind who have spent many yars researching in their respective subjects to give you the best that you can ever imagine to learn because they teach for the love of their work or rather the PASSION. It is only this criteria that qualifies them to be a part of Xanadu’s coaching division. They have dedicated themselves to teaching the various courses purely for the love of teaching and sharing their knowledge. You can choose the programme as per the programme guide.You ask and we give it to you. We assure you that you life will change at Xanadu.
You can choose the following short packages are for 2 days(Sat. & Sun.) or public holidays.:
• Reiki I, II & Master’s Level
• Magnified Healing
• Hypnosis Basic & Advanced
• Mantra Healing Basic & Advanced level
• Meditation & basic Pranayama
• Aroma Therapy
• Feng Shui Basic Self help Course
and much more…………..
Minimum no. of participants per batch is 4 and maximum 9. The short packages(2days) would cost Rs.3999/- per person all inclusive i.e. boarding, lodging, course fee, course material, nature trek, to & fro from Bangalore. Courses conducted in the short packages - Reiki I Level or Reiki II Level or Hypnosis Basic Level or Mantra Healing basic Level or Meditation & Basic Pranayama or Aroma Therapy or Feng Shui Basic. Any one of these can be conducted in each short tour. Advance intimation of 7 – 10 days is required.
For other long duration course please visit the website: www.imcpt,in

There is only one caste, the caste of humanity
There is only one religion, that is the religion of love
There is only one language, the language of heart
There is only one God, He is omnipresent.

- Satya Sai Baba


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