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Feng(Foong) Shui(Shooway) is an environmental science based on an interpretation of the natural world. Feng Shui is a Chinese art almost 4000 years old. In China and presently in many other countries too, Feng Shui underlies all aspects of life, from nutrition and medicine to exercise and the arts.

Feng Shui helps us to create environments in which we feel comfortable and supported. IMCPT offers courses in Feng Shui and also helps in providing guidance to incorporate the science of Feng Shui for your professional and personal requirement.

Although Feng Shui is the ancient science of Chinese VASTU but during the past three decades its value and importance is realized by Indians also because one need not go through the agony of demolishing what is already constructed in house, office, factory, showrooms or other place of operation and adopt simple corrective measures to attract , abundance in relationship, positive energies, incredible balance in and around your place of occupation.
IMCPT also offers consultancy in Feng Shui for your house and place of work. You need to get in touch with us with your present structure plan and we could make it suit your personal requirement because our suggestions are not general but very personalized. IMCPT helps you enhance the movement of positive energy for perennial happiness and energy.

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