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GOD MAKETH MAN MAN MAKETH RELATIONS is truly said by wise people like SOLOMAN. In all aspects of our life relation is most important be it with our parents,teachers,brothers and sisters ,neighbours or in our offices with our collegues.
One of the greatest factor for stress in human beings is any kind of problems in relation we have in any aspects of our life and if anything goes wrong our lives can come to a stand still and we feel a vacuum in our life.
To help one nurture greater realationship IMCPT helps people in proper communian & communication and also by using powerful NLP techniques we reframe the way people see things and remove hurt feelings permanently from the mind by using HYPNOSIS and Past life regressions very effectively.
Thousands of people have already taken our help and divorces have been avoided by Personal coaching & councelling.
IMCPT looks in every aspects of human relations and gives assured results and develops higher understanding in people and also legal advise in some cases if required.
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