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The mind is made up of four different levels of activity.

The first level or stage is called beta. The second level is alpha. The next level of mental activity is called theta. The last level is called delta. When you are hypnotized, you will be in the alpha state.

Hypnosis is simply the setting aside of the conscious mind proper, and dealing with the subconscious mind directly. When we are functioning at full consciousness (beta), both the subconscious and the conscious mind proper are functioning. The physical experience in hypnosis will be identical to that of full consciousness.

Three main levels of Hypnosis.

The first is called light trance. In this level the patient is relaxed and probably won’t feel that he or she is hypnotized.

The second level is called medium trance. In this level the patient is more completely relaxed and more able to accept very difficult or complex training suggestions.

The last level is called deep or somnambulistic trance.


95 percent of the public can be placed in at least a light hypnotic trance. The best hypnotic patients are intelligent people (contrary to the popular misconception) who have an excellent memory, can focus their concentration, visualize scenes with great detail, can express emotions easily. Children make excellent patients because of their imagination, respect for authority, and lack of resistance or skepticism. The best hypnotic patients are children between the ages of eight and sixteen.

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