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The magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) has had much attention. This has had the effect of increasing the popular demand for learning and applying NLP principles in ever broader contexts. The ‘principal-principle’ is indeed, ‘respect for the other person’s model of the world’. Such presuppositions world, are as essential to the process of learning NLP as they are to the application of the discipline. The NLP Presuppositions are consistent with the principles of communicating and healing the mental and emotional toxins within the Self. This is also written in the ancient Sanskrit text of Ayurveda, Caraka Samhita. Although NLP may appear to be a new discipline, its essence has been recognized and applied throughout the history of civilization .

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience – how we create our own unique internal world – so it is perfectly suited to exploring health.

NLP models real people, not abstract ideals – what is possible and what has been done. You will learn to model your own states of excellence and enhance your health. NLP is not an alternative therapy, it is body of ideas and a way of thinking. It is not about giving you the ‘right’ model of the world but enriching the one you have.     NLP is practical – you use it to make a difference and get what you want. The goal is being healthy. Disease is a late signal that something is wrong and needs to be changed. For most of us, what we do right now is more important for our health. Through NLP, we will explore ways to change before disease exists.

NLP BASIC PRACTITIONER'S Certification programme

  • Basics of subconscious mind and its conditioning.
  • Different human perceptions.
  • History of NLP
  • Assumptions of NLP
  • Eye Cues and other sense sub-modalities
  • How to form RAPPORT with others instantly
  • Reframing any past experiences
  • Removal of fears and phobias in us and others
  • Removal of addictions and allergies
  • Convincing skills
  • Persuasive words used in conversation for effective communication
  • Meta models
  • Metaphors used in NLP
  • Dynamic Memory development
  • How to develop high self esteem
  • How to develop self confidence
  • How to set goals and achieve them rapidly
  • Healing yourself and others using special techniques for any psychosomatic disorders

NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER'S Certification programme

  • Concept of sub modalities in NLP
  • Meta skills and use of meta model
  • Advanced questioning process to under stand human perception
  • Understanding meta programs and how it affects ones behavior
  • How to use sub modalities to bring about permanent change in ourselves and others.?
  • Understanding how basic practitioners techniques work.
  • Healing using sub modalities
  • Accelerated learning techniques
  • Mind mapping
  • Dynamic memory development
  • Drop down technique
  • Language Patterns in daily life
  • How to be a persuasive speaker and convince any one?
  • Time line techniques
  • Advanced goal setting using logical levels
  • Advanced hypnosis techniques
  • Advanced circle of excellence
  • Stacking of anchors and how to use them & MUCH MORE ...

NLP Trainer's Certification Programme Module

  • Presenting in Front of an Audience
  • Structure of Social Influence
  • Calibrations for Effective Communication/Presentation
  • Controlling Emotions
  • Language of Permanence & Persuasion
  • Awareness Pattern
  • Cause & Effect Pattern, Quotes Pattern
  • Time released Suggestion
  • Using Amnesia
  • Motivational Meta programmes
  • And much more ...

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