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IMCPT provides Healing services through a combination of a host alternative sciences including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Pyramidology, Melchizedek Method of Hologram of love healing, Aroma Theraphy, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing all of which are natural and practiced since ions of time by our forefathers.

The natural science of Reiki – Rei means universal and Ki means life force energy helps you in healing yourself from pains, aches, traumas, emotional disorders, mental sickness, ailments of many kinds even terminal in nature because

Reiki again works at the root cause of the problem and removes it and aids the natural flow of the universal energy which is what is the essence of our life. Once you have learnt the technique of Reiki healing you will be able lead a healthy life free of discomforts. It is this life force which si the spark of life that comes from the universe, the brahmanda, acting as a lighthouse and enters into all the living creatures – mankind, animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom and minerals. It is believed that the one lakh years ago the first man in Lemuria too had lot of this energy and he is believed to have led a very healthy and abundant life. Reiki is a gift for all those who wish to heal themselves of health related problems and of course get a taste of spirituality as well.
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