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Pyramid is a four sided object. All four faces or sides are isosceles triangles and the base formed by the four triangles is a perfect square. The word Pyramid is a Greek word – “PYRA” means fire and ‘MID’ means centre. It is a type of energy which gets liberated at the centre inside a Pyramid as energy has always been associated with five.
Pyramids have been found in many other parts of the world but the Egyptian pyramids have been the subject of intrigue, investigation and research. Egypt has been the home of several giant pyramids whereas the Ghizeh pyramid has attracted the attention of many.
The holistic system books at the disease from (W) holistic approach. The basis of holistic system is not to identify the disease itself where as all diseases are due to shortage of universal energy in the body which is termed as pranic energy. Health is not just being physically strong whereas for a person to be healthy abundant pranic forces are required.
Pyramid is an import tool to us because pyramid has two unique qualities – firstly the geometry of the pyramid liberates a very strong pranic field inside and secondly the organism inside it is tuned automatically to absorb it.

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