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Reiki is a natural science. Rei means Universal and Ki means life free energy. Practitioners of Reiki can heal themselves of pains, aches, traumas, emotional imbalances, mental illness, diseases of including terminal as Reiki works at the root cause of the problem. Reiki healing aids the natural flow of the universal life force energy.

Reiki is that life force which is the spark of life that comes from the universe, the Brahmanda and is thus acting as a light house and enters into all the living creatures – mankind, animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom and minerals.

It is believed that one lakh years ago too the first man in Lemuria also had this energy and he is believed to have led a very healthy and life full of abundance.

Reiki is a gift for all wishing to heal themselves of health related issues and lead a spiritual life.
Details on various levels of Reiki is available under the title “Certificate Courses”.

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