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Crystals have been used on Earth for nearly 1,00,000 years. They were the source of power in the ancient civilizations of Lemura and Atlantis. They were used as conductors of energy information from the civilizations to other forms of conscious expression of life.

Crystals are not a “New Age Fashion or Fad”. They are real and will serve mankind for generations to come. Thus we are growing and becoming receptive to higher and ancient patterns of energy and knowledge. Crystals absorb energy patterns and they are capable of serving our stated needs. For example, if we wish to use them to emanate blue light, we can hold the crystal in our hand, have a thought in our mind and the blue frequency will be drawn into the crystal for our use and dissemination.

Crystals are not to be used for games and fun. Crystals are at work in many ways, affecting our modern life. They are used in watches, appliances, radios, televisions, computers and telecommunication equipment.
Crystals are all around us. It is believed that nearly 33% of the Earth’s surface is composed of this mineral while unknown quantities lie beneath waters too. More and more people are exposed to crystals as they are found in rock shops, jewelry shops etc.

Crystal balls are being used by seers ands psychics attempting to tap into the outer dimensions of time and space.

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