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Health and stress are closely connected. Your ability to deal with stress will be largely determined by the state of your health and your health is directly related to the effectiveness of your mastery over stress. Until recent past body was regarded from a mechanical viewpoint. It is now understood that our mental and emotional states directly affect our bodily function, through the direct interaction of hormones and chemical levels. An absence of disease alone is not the definition of health but true holistic health is an abundance - an overflowing of vitality and energy and this should apply to body, mind and spirit.

IMCPT has formulated safe techniques so that you can experience all these through our stress buster and self management programmes and the practice of these are guaranteed to help you overcome stress arising due to emotional imbalance or mental stress in personal and professional life. IMCPT offers personalized counseling incorporated with the new & latest science of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP). NLP techniques are extremely effective, hypnosis & past life regression which are easy, safe and results are guaranteed and long lasting.
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