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At IMCPT, you will learn the simple techniques and ways to overcome all your fears and phobias. You are aware that fears and phobias are so much around us inhibiting over potential to live life king size.

Many of the fears are ‘Ficticious Experience Appearing Real” and some repeated fears become phobia. An experience of being bitten by a dog can instill a fear turned into phobia about dog even puppies. Why should you lead a life with encircling fears/phobias and add stress to your life. There are methods to overcome these in a most simplistic manner using Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is clinical science very easy to learn and practice. There are instant relaxation techniques to help you save yourself from fight or flight mode thus you can switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode. You can live a life of ‘No Problem’.

Negative thinkers or positive thinkers are not born that way. These thinking patterns grow out of our experiences. Psychologists tell us that how we perceive any situation is an automatic thought response. Automatic in the same way we tie our shoe lace or light a cigarette. It is a learned response, a habit, we develop over years of absorbing the attitudes of those around us – parents, teachers, peers, even TV idols.


Trauma can also be due to accidents and due to being victimized. It is important to ease or willow the emotions attached to the traumatic experience so that you do not feel the stress whenever your mind remembers the bad incident. Psychology affects physiology and physiology affects the psychology.

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