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IMCPT offers Health for Life.IMCPT helps you to god health through good mental health. IMCPT gives solutions to your concerns about your Fitness,eating habits, Healing of Psychosomatic Disorders/Ailments, Aches, Pains & Phobias, Emotional & Mental discomforts due to Trauma, Stress, Relationship Issues, Fears, Addictions, Worries, Teenage behavioural issues and many other difficulties faced by you. The approach adopted by IMCPT is (W)holistic. Our endeavour is to bring about a complete balance in your LIFE. We take care of your physical body, emotional body, mental body, emotional body, financial body, social body, & spiritual body.
You are aware that when even one of the above mentioned bodies gets out of shape you are faced with many problems and unless the root cause is treated and fully cleared the effect in the form of disorder and ailment continues to remain with you. Hence the approach adopted by IMCPT is to recognize the cause and help you work from within outwards thus you can have the joy of perennial well being for the rest of your life.
A healthy mind has a healthy body. Spirituality is responsible for making a healthy body. Spirituality aims at helping man to manifest in his full potential i.e. the divine cosmic consciousness that is present within & outside him. When we take a look at the galaxy, the sun, the moon, the earth, & all the planets move around their axes and around one another and their movements are governed by natural laws. They never break the laws and they also help man with their unconditional love. Whereas man breaks natural laws and harms mankind. This results in causing disturbance in his ease ie he experiences disturbed ease-disease.
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